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Chinas Why Volunteer in Xi'an China

Xi'an is one of the Chinese locations where GVS is having lots of unique programs for volunteers. If you're interested in touching lives, the destination can actually give you the best of opportunities. Xi'an is known as a political and cultural center in the whole of China. You can have a great time while serving at various locations in the area.

Xi'an has lots of natural attractions and beautiful scenes in various locations. Among the best natural attractions in the destination include, museums, monasteries, Pagodas, the Army of Terracotta Warrior, the Bella Tower, the Quingling Mountains and lot more. Xi'an also has lots of unique restaurants, hotels rives and beaches. You can always visit all these areas while you carry out your volunteer assignment in the region.

Xi'an is also a home for the Panda Species. The animals are properly reared there in their numbers. The destination is also known for having lots of local and international Airlines. You can always enjoy travelling to various locations in Xi'an.

Despite the economic and political prowess of the city, there are still many people wallowing in poverty. There are orphans in various locations. Many of the schools lack adequate English teachers. There's indeed a great need for international volunteers who can touch the lives of the people in the area. You can volunteer to serve in Xi'an China through GVS. Why not come onboard today?

GVS has the following Volunteer Programs in Xi'an China:
Following are the programs being run by GVS for all those who have a desire to do something worthwhile in their lives.
Working in Orphanage Homes
For this program, you're expected to pay US$300 for 2 weeks and US$100 for every other week thereafter.

This program gives you the unique opportunity of touching the lives of orphans in various locations within Xi'an China. You can bring the love and succor they so much desire on daily basis.

Teaching English in Schools
For this program, you're expected to pay US$300 for 2 weeks and US$100 for every other week thereafter.

This program is meant to help Chinese students to learn all they can about the English language for better living when they finish school. You can volunteer to be the teacher here.

Panda Preservation Project
For this program, you're expected to pay US$300 for 2 weeks and US$100 for every other week thereafter.

This program is designed to preserve the lives of the Panda Species. They are actually at the verge of extinction if nothing is done. You can volunteer to save the animals from dangers of extinction.

Internsive Language & Cultural Program
Coming soon!
How GVS makes differences
How volunteering with global volunteer solutions will make all the difference in your volunteer trip:
The Global Volunteer Solutions (GVS) program was launched with the mission of providing volunteering opportunities to people who are passionate and dedicated to serve less fortunate people in the developing countries across the world. The program focuses on competency of staff, affordability of service and volunteer safety, and ultimately aims at life enrichment for both volunteers and host peoples. The costs of these programs are minimal because GVS is involved with local NGO and global coordinate’s alliances, thus removing the need for middle men and middle men fees. Since the fees for the program is considerably lower, it leaves a lot of extra money to be invested in the venture instead. An individual needs to pay just 150$ a week and can start working in his preferred village or host country right away. The experience one garners through building a foster relationship is the main reason that compels people to come back to this project.

In countries like Europe and US, there are a number of volunteers who opt for similar programs from other companies, but are surprised at the end when they are charged heftily as high as 2500$ for 2-3 weeks. This is because these programs use most of these fees to their corporate management expenses such as high employee salaries; printing materials, travel cost etc., while only a small portion of your weekly program fees goes into actual service for the host country. At Global Volunteer Solutions, it is assured that 70-80% of the weekly fees go the host country and this is ensured as the program works with global coordinate alliances.

Individuals associated with Global volunteer solutions will have a memorable experience as there is a GVS team available to the volunteers 24x7 to guide, troubleshoot and look for suggestions and concerns. It is also assured that the stay in any community is rewarding and safe as well. Every individual can make his personal choice regarding community location and project preference as GVS operates in more than 25 countries in 5 continents and more than 150 projects. Individuals can chose to serve 2 countries with just very little additional fees through the volunteer combo package. Group and teen programs are also offered so that first time volunteers or people who prefer to work in groups can get the both optimized and comfortable experiences.

GVS has a higher degree of flexibility in their programs, and they understand that all individuals can’t give their all-time into it. So we have various NGOs to ensure that each one has the customized project to work on. One can chose between rural or urban areas, and even combine them with the personal preferred hours in a week. The support group makes sure that all problems are catered to properly. Before the start of a program, an individual receives a pre departure booklet and various pamphlets regarding the stay and the country. These reading materials will contain the general information that volunteers need to know about their country.. People are able to create long lasting relations as GVS overtakes the barriers of culture, diversity and religion. The staff members of the program are experienced Volunteers themselves so they understand the situation well . This experience will work to ensure a smoother transition.

GVS allows leisure time for their volunteers as we arrange a day out in the host country through the local NGOs, so that volunteers can have some amusement time for their own. The program is rewarding and comprehensive and hence ensures the personal and financial assistance to the villages. Once an individual becomes a part of GVS, they are given all kind of possible support. All emails are answered within 24 hours of inquiry. There is an option to call in for queries and even leave a message if the calls are busy. GVS ensures that since the volunteers are their whole responsibility, all their issues are resolved with full care and the same time their safety is also maintained.