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Panda Preservation Project

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Project Overview

Panda Species are reared in various locations in Xi'an China. They are wonderful animals you can even have as pets at your homes. However the animals are fast becoming endangered species because of encroachment by some members of the society. Some hunters kill them for food. The animals are in danger of extinction if nothing positive is done to safeguard their lives. GVS is now partnering with the local preservation agency with the intention of sending international volunteers who can serve in the conservation project.

Indeed, there's a great need to save the Pandas from threats. The species are very rare all over the world. They are wonderful animals you can always have around. The World Wide Fund for Nature has always desired to keep the Panda Species. However, the activities of some hunters have continued to be a threat to this idea. Oftentimes, the homes of the Pandas are burnt leaving the animals dead. Oftentimes, they are exposed to wild animals who take them for food. In Xi'an such animals are reared in their numbers. There's the need to protect them from extinction. If you're a lover of nature, you can volunteer through GVS to participate in the preservation project.

Responsibilities of a Volunteer

When you volunteer to help in the Panda Preservation project in Xi'an, you're expected to perform the following roles:

  • Working in close contact with the local preservation agency
  • Carrying out necessary research about the preservation process
  • Creating awareness in the cities about the need to preserve the lives of the pandas.
  • Cleaning the Panda enclosures and their environment
  • Preparing food for them such as carrots, apples, panda bread and nutritional biscuits.
  • Feeding and caring for the Pandas.
  • Providing shelter for the animals
  • Treating the Pandas when they have diseases
  • Preventing the Panda Species from extinction.
  • Observing Panda's behavior during eating

PLEASE NOTE: You can get your work schedule from the local conservation agency staff in charge of the project. The work is also very flexible. You're expected to work 3 to 4 hours daily as from Monday to Friday. The local NGO coordinator who oversees the project will always be around to assist you. There's always the space to re-adjust the work to suit your holiday periods and other engagements you may have. Remember, the activities mentioned above are just an outline, you might also be asked for other projects related activities by project coordinator, and you must be willing to give them a helping hand.

Education Requirement and Project Skills

  • No specific qualification or prior experience is needed.
  • You must have interest in conservation project and natural resources
  • You must be 18 years or above. (If you are less than 18 years and you have a strong desire to work, you can participate in our projects, but you have to bring a permission letter from your parents or guardian).
  • You need to have a basic knowledge of the English language for easy communication.
  • You're expected to be imaginative, patient, enthusiastic, creative and hardworking.
  • Finally you should also be flexible, self-motivated, kind, supportive, and open minded with a genuine desire to help animals especially pandas.

How GVS makes all the differences in your trip.

With GVS, you can learn a lot from the Panda preservation project in Xi'an. You'll get to know more about natural resources and how to preserve them. GVS ensures your volunteer safety as you carry out your duty in the nation. You'll be exposed to the rich culture of the Chinese people. You'll also have the opportunity to share your culture with the people. As you work in the conservation project, you can easily make good friends. Your impact on the nation is sure to be remembered for years to come. You'll always have enough opportunity to go on tourism in various locations within the nation. Your volunteer work in Xi'an is sure to be very enriching and rewarding. Why not get started today?

The below given project fact file gives you a quick and general overview about the program. If you are having any confusion or questions about the given program, then please feel free to write us at info@globalvolunteersolutions.org and let us know about your problem. We will soon solve your problem and our customer care center will reply you within 1 or 2 days.

Country: China
Project Type: Panda Conservation China
The Locations: GVS projects are located in Xi'an and rural and urban areas of China
The project starting dates: Our orphanage project begins on every 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. If you are not able to schedule your flight date in the above mentioned date, then please write us at info@globalvolunteersolutions.org for other alternative dates so that we could arrange alternative dates for our volunteers.
Who can apply: Our orphanage program is not open for all nationalities. You should be at least 18 years old. However, if a volunteer is less than 18, then he/she has to take permission letter from their parents or from their guardians.
Requirements and other skills: Our orphanage project does not need any specific qualification or special experience, all you need is lots of enthusiasm, flexibility, self-motivation, full confidence and open mind to learn from new cultures. A volunteer must have at least medium level of English communication skills for this project, as you will need English to exchange your views with others
Project Duration: We have both short-term and long-term projects. How ever it will depend on the volunteer’s demand and flexibility. Projects are available from 2 weeks up to 12 weeks.
Required Donation: You pay $250 for 2 weeks, US$90 for every week thereafter except registration and application processing fee.
Donation Contribution: almost 70%-80% weekly program fee directly goes to your food and accommodation plus project support. Remaining 20% -30% donations goes to field management, coordinators and other general expenses in the host county.
Arrival/Departure Point: China
Accommodation: you will get minimal types of accommodation. Volunteer should not expect any luxurious accommodation while stay and work in the project site. Our Accommodation depends on your project locations. You may stay with a host family or in a Guest House in single or shared room with a fan, with a shared bathroom with cold water and half board.
Food: Host family provide 2-3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch or dinner) or as per the itinerary. You will receive normal and same types of food that local family prepares for themselves. Volunteers do not expect special food from the host family. Some volunteers have lunch at the orphanage or as per the itinerary
Project Hours: Working Hours are flexible; 5-6 days a week, approximately 3-4 hours per day, all other time is free. The project coordinator or staff will provide you all the working hours and activities that you will need to prepare in the project.
Cost of getting to the project from host family: Depending on location; up to 1 hour bus ride or other types of transportation (Budget approximately US$10-15 per week): NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR WEEKLY FEE.
Support Group: GVS has an effective and sound support system which is always present to route and guide you whenever you need any kind of help. You can contact our local coordinator 24/7 for any help or assistance.

Program Dates & Costs

In order to adjust the flight schedule of the volunteer and to make our schedule more flexible, All Global Volunteer Solutions programs start on every 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month Volunteers are advised to adjust their flight schedule and other important works according to language program schedules (not available in Cambodia). It is very unlikely to make extra arrangements for the missed classes. Internees and volunteers can stay and wait at the hotel on their own expense to start the program from the beginning.

Note: if a volunteer could not schedule or arrange their flight date in the above mentioned dates, then please write us for other alternative dates

Fee For Volunteer Programs
2 Wks  3 Wks  4 Wks  5 Wks  6 Wks  7 Wks  8 Wks  9 Wks  10 Wks  11 Wks  12 Wks 
$425 $555 $685 $815 $945 $ 1,075 $ 1,205 $ 1,335 $ 1,465 $ 1,595 $ 1,725
Fee For Panda Conservation (US$)
2 Wks  3 Wks  4 Wks  5 Wks  6 Wks  7 Wks  8 Wks  9 Wks  10 Wks  11 Wks  12 Wks 
 $ 925  $1,225 $1,525 $ 1,825 $ 2,125 $2,425 $2,725 $ 3,025 $3,325 $ 3,625 $3,925
Airport pick up, transfer to host family/hostel and orientation: US $125

Allocation of Global Volunteer Solution Fees:

If you are wondering where your volunteer's fees are going, then you should know that all of Global Volunteer Solution's programs solely rely on participant program fees. With the fees volunteers pay to enroll in the program, Global Volunteer Solution is able to attain its goals, thus raising the bar for hygiene, education and social status of local communities and bridging the gap between the Western and Eastern cultures. Ultimately, Global Volunteer Solution, its diligent volunteers, and its hopeful grassroots organizations are able to work towards a deeper cultural understanding, global unity and goodwill.

There are four categories to the Global Volunteer Solution program fees allocation

Application processing Fee
IQ. Most volunteers ask why there is a prerequisite application-processing fee to join the Global Volunteer program.
Registration Fee
Q. Another common question from volunteers: Why is there a prerequisite registration fee? How does GVS use my
Weekly Project Fees
Incountries like Europe and US, there are numerous number of volunteers who opt for similar programs, but are surprised at the...
Language & Cultural Orientation
Lesson Plan: Language & cultural courses Orientation :
One week language and cultural Training
General Questions, Before you Travel

01. What’s the best time to apply for a Chinese volunteer program?
02. How long will it take for GVS to process my application?
03. What are the documents required from me during the application period?
04. Are there necessary qualifications for volunteers in the China program?

Passport and Visa Information
Visa requirements
Program Informations

01. What in-country support do I have when in China?
02. Can I get a daily schedule of programs in China?
03. Where are the Chinese programs situated?
04. What is the official language of China?
05. How long does the Chinese volunteer program last?
06. Will GVS arrange my flight to China?
07. Is there a particular airport that I must contact and book my flight with?
08. When should I arrive in China?
09. How will I recognize the GVS country coordinator?
10. What should I do if my flight to China is delayed?
11. What happens if my in-country contact fails to show up?
12. Is there anything I need to prepare before leaving for China?
13. How do I travel back to the airport after my volunteer program?

Food and Lodging

01. Where, how and with Whom Will I be staying with in China?
02. What room will I be staying in?
03. Can I stay with my girlfriend/boyfriend or female/male friend at the same room?
04. Can I bring my local villager friend in my room?
05. Can I bring electrical appliances?
06. What about my meals?
07. What are the dos and don’ts during the project duration and the stay with the host family?
08. What happens if I am unhappy with my project or hosting facilities?
09. May I decide how long I want to stay once I get there?
10. What do I do in my free time when I am not working in the project?
11. What about drinking water?

Health and Safety Queries

01. Is it safe in China?
02. What are the principle health risks in China?
03. Do I need to get health insurance?
04. Who do I contact in case of a health-related emergency?
05. What are the sanitary conditions in China?

Money Information

01. Is it safe to carry cash with me?
02. How much money should I bring with me?
03. What is the local currency and how do I know the exchange rate?
04. Are ATMs easily available? If yes, which debit and credit cards are accepted?
05. How do I make contact with the GVS in-country coordinator?
06. How can my family members contact me?

Local Culture Information

01. Is there a special dress code that I should follow while staying in China?
02. What should I know about Chinese religious conduct?
03. How do I respect the Chinese people?

Materials to Bring

There are different materials that you can bring with yourself

Free Time

Enjoying free Time in China

NOTE: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is derived from generic information about the country, and should not be used as a definitive travel guide. Travel information and situations abroad change constantly, and the information contained here may not be up to date. Participants should consult Global Volunteer Solutions staff or travel advisors to verify this information.