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Travel Insurance

Global Volunteer Solutions doesn’t offer any kind of insurance facility to its volunteers. It will be purely volunteers responsibility to acquire insurance to cover events of injury, sickness etc. the insurance must be valid from the date of starting the program until the end of their project. In case of no insurance policy Global Volunteer Solutions will not be liable to any medical or health fees incurred due to accident or sickness during the project.  GVS also reserves the right to reject volunteers based on any possible health-related issues as we don’t want to take any kind of risk.

Local medical facilities across developing countries are often unable to provide the full range of medical services that are available in developed countries, making evacuation a requirement in many non-life threatening medical emergencies. The costs of evacuation as well as international standard care are extremely high. In the most serious emergencies, travelers may not be positioned to authorize payment for an appropriate medical response that is urgently required. This may delay or prevent the provision of critical and possibly life-saving medical attention.

It is a condition of travel on Global Volunteer Solutions that all volunteers are adequately covered by travel insurance prior to arrival. Insurance should cover personal accident and medical expenses, evacuation and repatriation, baggage loss, and cancellation or curtailment of holiday.

We urge you read your entire insurance policy carefully you leave.  Volunteers must send complete set of copies 15 days before the business days, the documents will include copy of insurance policy and health related issues. Global Volunteer Solutions reserves the right to refuse the acceptance of a participant for any volunteer program if there is any error or problem with the insurance policy.
Emergency Producers
Evacuation for political reason (or for any other non-medical) is unlikely in the abroad. Global Volunteer Solutions does not have an organizational policy statement on emergency procedures which we include text: We recommend its volunteers to receive information from your embassy or consulate office located in the host country (optional). 
Passport/visa requirements

It is recommended that all volunteers acquire their necessary visa before leaving for China, to avoid further problems and airport when already abroad.

Anyone joining a non-paid volunteer program should obtain a tourist visa. For those in paid teaching positions, a work visa is required.
Your visa type for teaching will depend on your planned length of stay.
If you are to sign a long-term placement (6-12 months), Global Crossroad will arrange a "Z" type (work) visa for you. The application process takes about one month prior to your actual teaching schedule, so do make early arrangements. We will need the following documents for a work visa:

a resume 
scanned passport page with photo 
Scanned certificate/degree/diploma, etc.

Please note that different schools can arrange for varied types of visas, so you may be asked to apply for a different visa than the guidelines above state. There is a very complex set of regulations by which the Chinese government grants different authorizations to different schools. If in doubt, please call Global Crossroad, and we will make sure that you apply for the correct type of visa.

Important note: China does not issue visas upon arrival. Remember that it is the responsibility of volunteers to arrange for their own tickets and visa.