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  7 Projects in Tanzania
Working in orphanages
Handicapped children project
Teaching English in Tanzania
Working at local clinics in Tanzania
HIV or AIDS program
Masai women project
Conservation project

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You can Complete the Global Volunteer Solution
Application Procedures:

Before submitting application form, please ensure that all written information is verified and correct. Global Volunteer Solution will not be held liable from any disputes or problems with the volunteer placement due to misrepresented information on your application form, No application form that is not accompanied by the required deposit fee will be considered.


Please select desired country and program that you wish to volunteer in. Make sure to read all given information about program before making your choice! Once you have made your choice, please fill out all necessary information and submitapplication form along with a refundable (please read - Refund Policy) $275 application fee. Please do not leave any part of the application form blank to ensure a smoother process between you and Global Volunteer Solution.


All application forms available online are only for applicants 18 and above. Should you wish to volunteer and you are under the age of 18, please secure a both a permission letter and volunteer application signed by a parent or legal guardian giving you consent to volunteer.


Once you have submitted both application fee ($275) and application forms please wait for a return answer period of 2-3 weeks. Global Volunteer Solution will verify all submitted information, and arrange all necessary elements of your desired volunteer program and location.


Once Global Volunteer Solution has arranged all necessary steps of your program, you will receive a confirmation letter in your email about your project and the details. This is when you may start making necessary travel and personal arrangements.


All volunteer program participants are required to pay complete programs fees at least 2 months before volunteer programs are scheduled to begin.


Once Global Volunteer Solution has received your final and complete payment, we will send you a pre-departure booklet that will contain all the necessary information about your host country, and the itinerary and locations of your volunteer program. You may use this as a reference when you arrive at your host country.

For any other questions, comments or inquiries, please contact us at info@globalvolunteersolution.org . We will be more than happy to serve you and answer all questions as quickly as possible.