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Volunteer in Nepal

volunteer in nepal

Are you interested in touching lives in diverse ways? Or do you have a burning desire to help orphan children and poor community? If so, Nepal can serve as a unique destination for you. It's one of the Asian countries where the Global Volunteer Solutions (GVS) is having lots of volunteer programs for all international volunteers including you.

Nepal is a Democratic Republic in the South Asia and has an approximate population of about 30 million residents. It's a religious country where Hinduism is being practiced by a great percentage of people. Nepal is also richly blessed with lots of natural resources and attractions. 8 of the world's tallest mountains are found in the northern part of Nepal. Mouth Everest which is having the highest point in the world is also found in the nation. When you volunteer here, you will come to know that the country is best for hiking activities, Mountain View, jungle safari, and so on and you will have the opportunity to explore all.

Despite the magnificent scenery, enchanting beauty and rich culture, the country and its people are still suffering from lots of problems like poverty, unemployment, low literacy rate, internal political issues and many more. Regarding the health system, Nepal is even lacking basic healthcare facilities and people are suffering from dangerous diseases such as diarrhea, tuberculosis, leprosy, HIV and so on. There's a dearth of good medical clinics and hospitals especially in the rural areas of Nepal. This has led to increasing cases of untimely death, infant mortality and regular occurrence of diseases. Besides this, there are lots of orphanages in various nooks and crannies of the nation where you can find many underprivileged and deprived kids that have been orphaned as a result of situations beyond their control.

From the above, it's very clear that the nation really needs the help of international volunteers. GVS has actually come to the aid of the nation. You can also partner with us with a view of providing help and support to many children, teenagers and adult who may require assistance in diverse ways. Being a part of program run by GVS, you will surely enjoy your work in the nation.

GVS has the following Programs in Nepal:
Working in Orphanage Homes
It is one of the perfect opportunities for you if you enjoy working with the kids. This program will bring a positive change and rewarding experience to your life and you will always be remembered for your good deeds by the children you serve.

Teaching English in Schools
You can volunteer to teach the English language in various schools scattered all over Nepal. You can contribute your quota in helping poor students knowing about the language for better living.

Primary Health Care and Medical Program
Health You can volunteer to assist in primary health care program where you'll have the unique opportunity of touching lives.

Teaching English to Buddhist Monks
The Buddhist Monks in Nepal are always eager to learn English and other subjects. You can volunteer to help them out through this program while learning a lot from the unique and wonderful culture and religion at the same time.

Empowerment/Support Program for Women
Women's Empowerment/Support Program Women make up about 60% of the Nepalese nation. A good number of the women need to be empowered to be more productive. You can volunteer to assist in that regard.

Working at Local Conservation project
Work at a local Conservation Project Nepal is blessed with lots of natural attractions and resources; you can volunteer to work at the local conservation project in order to secure such resources.