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Volunteer in Kenya

volunteer in kenya

Choose Kenya as your vacation destination and spend some great moments in the beautiful country. Kenya is highly praised for its stunning landscape, wildlife and tourist spots. It has beautiful white sand beaches along its more than 500-kilometer coastline, with palm trees, blue seas and resorts with cool martinis. But despite the country great beauty, the enormous poverty and health conditions have affected the native people largely. Women here are particularly more vulnerable because they don’t have equal access to social and economic assets. Likewise HIV/AIDS is the major issue of worry here. Photos of Kenyans on their death beds with bones sticking out have created a sad image for Kenya. We at Global Volunteer Solutions understand the plight of these people. We feel that the need of volunteers is necessary here in changing the miserable image into better one. We are committed to provide you a meaningful volunteer abroad program. Our programs in Kenya give you the opportunity to make a significant difference to the lives of people here and help to alleviate the severe poverty and the spread of AIDS to a great extent. This will change your life forever as you immerse yourself into another culture, whilst giving something back to local community. You will enjoy your each and every moment here as Kenyan people are so hospitable and always welcomes its guests with a great smile. They are wonderful hosts filled with essence of affection and hospitality.

Current GVS programs in Kenya
Working in orphanages
Work at orphanage in Kenya is the perfect project for you if you have a kind heart and love working with underprivileged children. It will be one of the most challenging, positive, life-changing and rewarding experiences of your life.

Teaching English in Kenya
Teaching English to the poor children is challenging but very rewarding experience. By volunteering in this project you have the opportunity to make a real contribution to the poorer community, while experiencing rich Kenyan culture.

Working at local hospitals or clinics
Here is a wonderful opportunity for all those who have interest in helping poor people and children with life threatening illness, while gaining hands-on medical experience and learning about medical care in Kenya.

HIV/AIDS Education program
The project aims to create self-support within children and people currently living with HIV/AIDS. Here is a significant chance for all those who are willing to work for a good cause. By volunteering in this project you will be giving hope to many hopeless people.