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Food and Accommodation

If you are a volunteer your stay will be arranged in a host family or with other volunteers and you are also permitted to stay in the orphanage. If you opt to stay in the orphanage, then you will need to know about the Thailand culture, society where you will be in touch with the Thailand people, you are supposed to eat same food they eat or prepare. Volunteers are encouraged to learn and speak their local language i.e. Thailand, involve in Thailand customs and traditions and you also need to get close to children at the orphanage and be friendly with them. The lifestyle of the Thailand is quite simple when compared to the lifestyle of the Western countries. Volunteer should not expect the luxurious accommodation. You will be provided same accommodation facilities prepared by family. The Thailand bathrooms have a sit on your heels toilet, a shower area and running cold water and in the bedroom, you may either sleep alone or with another volunteer on a woven mattress or an a hard mattress. If you stay in the orphanage, you are supposed to do the household activities like cleaning the house, cooking food, taking care of children, taking care of elder people. According to the Thailand culture, Thailand people do not send the elderly people to old age homes like other countries do. It is against their culture.

During lunch and dinner the entire family sits together to have their meal and though you are a guest in their house you are considered as a part of their family which is a part of the lifestyle of Thailand. The food in Thailand has an appealing blend of strong and vibrant taste. You will be provided with three meals a day which includes rice, noodle, drinks, soups, salad, and vegetables, which is delicious. And if you want to have your own food, you are welcome to have it and you can get it from anywhere. There are many restaurants in Thailand that would suit your tastes and budget. Thailand food is much cheaper when compared to other places and your hometown. During your volunteer service you are supposed to live with your group of people or family, and share the same experience that they face. You will be given the local fare twice a day, but things that you can enjoy throughout the day and till your service is the love, kindness, hospitality and welcome of Thailand people which is extraordinary!

Free Time in Ghana

Free time in Ghana will simply change your perception and life. You can enjoy the beautiful tourist's places as well as help the local needy people of Ghana. In your free time, you can visit different places of Accra and other nearly located attractive places.  You can travel to the near by villages, and small towns. Ghana's people are very hospitable; you will be warmly welcomed by the local villagers. You can also visit different historical and ancient places; this will increase your knowledge about the Ghana's culture and their traditions. Volunteers in their free time can also go for the shopping, meet local elders and friends and have fun in their free time. Volunteers can also take orphans and host family for different trips, programs and other events but at your own expense. Our program fee does not includes or cover your extra curricular activities. We can only give suggestions and advices about the traveling route and other booking information.