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Why volunteer in Ghana

volunteer in ghana

You need to choose Ghana as a volunteer destination in order to explore the beautiful country whilst helping others to make the world a better place. Ghana is an eye-catching land having beautiful lakes, hills, forests and many other places to visit for tourists. There is adventure for adventure craze people, beautiful scenic nature for soft romantic souls, various wildlife and sanctuaries for the animal lovers and a variety of local and western cuisine for the foodies. The great thing that makes the Ghana more special is the hostility and friendly nature of its people. They are really welcoming and eager to share their history and culture with you. Besides the people hostility and beautiful nature of country, there are many serious issues faced by the Ghanaians. The most important of them include poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, increasing number of orphans, HIV/AIDS, no good education and healthcare etc. After seeing the plight of these people, we GVS have designed the volunteer program in Ghana to serve the local community. You can also join us to do noble service for the poor Ghanaians. The beautiful mountains, coastal communities and innocent people are eagerly waiting for your helping hand. By participating in our project you have the opportunity to explore new country, make new friends, cultural exchange, learn the local language and about the rich Ghanaian culture and also experience the unique hospitality of people.

Current GVS programs in Ghana
Working in orphanages
Working in orphanage is probably one of the toughest but most rewarding experiences that will make a difference in the life of both yours and the children you work with. Sharing your time and love with orphans is indeed life inspiring. Go on make a difference now!

Teaching English in Ghana
Teaching English in Ghana is one of the demanding and most rewarding opportunities. You can use your educational skills in teaching English to the needy and deprived children of community, whilst getting the best teaching experience you have been searching for.

Work at babies home
Babies' home is a place that provides an interim place of safety for all children left by their parents due to poverty etc in hospitals or other public places. Looking after these vulnerable children in their first few years is the most rewarding experience.

Working at local hospitals or clinics
The aim of this program is to increase the access to basic health care for poor people especially living in rural areas, help them with life threatening illness and thus improve their status of health, personal hygiene and sanitation.

HIV or AIDS program
This program is special for all those who want to share their love and care with HIV/AIDS patients. You can play an important role in spreading awareness, and educating Ghana community about HIV/AIDS.