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Volunteer in Costa Rica

volunteer in costa rica

Thinking of travelling abroad and wondering where to go and what to do to become an important part of the culture and nature of that country? You need to volunteer in Costa Rica to achieve these aims and to make a real difference in the people's lives. It's an exciting and inspiring experience and you have the opportunity to see the stunning locations, wildlife and beaches of the country while giving something back to the community. Costa Rica is a paradise for nature lovers and has an abundance of natural beauty. The country is populated by friendly, well-educated and hostile people. But despite all these qualities Costa Rica has some problems that has drawn attention of many international organizations like GVS. Some of these problems include child labor, increasingly widespread unemployment, health issues, elderly abandonment, and an increasing economic divide etc. In such situations, Costa Rican people are looking for even little support from some kindhearted people like you. Our volunteer programs allow you to help the poor people of Costa Rica as well as to aid the natural wildlife of the country. Volunteer with us and get the wonderful opportunity to discover the new place, make new friends, learn the local language, and interact with the local people to experience their hostility and to make a real feel like a Costa Rican.

Current GVS programs in Costa Rica

There are different programs in Costa Rica hosted by GVS. You can choose any of them that can ideally fit to your comfort zone. These programs are:

Working in orphanages
This project aims to change the current miserable conditions of orphaned children at Costa Rica into happy and cheerful conditions. These children are anxiously waiting for any kind of support from you. Come to help them and get reward. Kindness cost nothing.

Volunteer in Home of Joy (Public Babies daycare) project
Public daycare project is an ideal placement for those who love and enjoy interacting with young children. As a volunteer in this project, you will be sharing your warmth and affection to the children of low-income families at public daycare centers, while their parents are working.

Teaching English in Costa Rica
Teaching English in Costa Rica is a fantastic way to see the beautiful country and learn about its culture and people. At the same time you have the opportunity to gain some valuable teaching experience while sharing your knowledge and skills with the poorer community.

Healthcare or Medical projects in Costa Rica
Here is a significant chance for you to improve the health status of poor people in Costa Rica and at the same time gain some valuable experience in the field of medical. Your small but timely help can save lives of many poor people.

Turtle conservation project
This is one of the unique projects that provide you an opportunity to participate in a critical conservation and research effort, while at the same time share your time with like-minded people and live on the Costa Rica's most beautiful, pristine and least visited beaches.

Work in Environmental, conservation & Tree planting project
Our unique and wonderful conservation projects allow volunteers to make new friends, get some fresh air, help and protect the most beautiful landscapes to make a positive impact on the environment. Volunteers having passion for nature conservation and planting tress will really enjoy this project.

Volunteer in an Organic Farm in Costa Rica
Our project offers a whole new experience to those who want to try something new while working with and for the environment. You have the chance to immerse yourself within the local customs, culture, and learn how to grow your food without pesticides, whilst giving something back to the environment.

Work in Community & Catholic Church Food Bank Project
If you are willing to share your time and love with the HIV/AIDS infected people of Uganda to give them hope and assure them that they can also live productive lives even with AIDS, then this project is for you. Every time you spend in the project is invaluable.