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Volunteer in Cambodia

volunteer in cambodia

If you're enthusiastic about touching lives, Cambodia can serve as a nice location where you can volunteer to serve mankind. It's one of the nations where the Global Volunteer Solutions (GVS) is having lots of programs for all who are interesting in the volunteering work. The current population of the nation is estimated to be 14.8 million with lots of minority groups in various unique settings and major cities.

Politically, Cambodia has suffered series of problems. The nation had Civil war for decades which actually affected her political system. However, the nation is currently measuring up when it comes to economic growth. In the whole of Asia, Cambodia is known as one of the best fastest growing economy with great emphasis on agriculture, textile, tourism, constructions and so on. International trade and foreign investment are also thriving in the nation. Oil and other natural resources have also been discovered in the nation. This caused a boost in the nation's economy.

The health system in Cambodia is actually improving. The infant mortality rate decreased from 115 in 1993 to 89 per 1000 births in 1998. The nation is also certified free from Polio in the year 20000. However, there are some other diseases that are endemic in Cambodia, among them include malaria, cholera, tuberculosis, diarrhea, measles and so on. These diseases have led to the death of many people.

Meanwhile, Buddhism is the major religion being practiced in Cambodia. This accounts for the numerous temples, monuments and monasteries built in various locations. The nation is now one of the best locations for tourism. People come for pilgrimages and tourism in various locations within the nation. There are lots of beautiful landscapes, abbeys, beaches and other areas of attraction. When you volunteer to serve in the nation, you will really enjoy the attractions.

However, despite the economic prowess of the nation, poverty still remains a major problem in the lives of many citizens. A large number of people are dying every year just because they don't have access to good water, and other basic amenities. Medical centers in some locations are not enough for the teeming population. Many people are still living in poor houses especially in the rural areas. There are children who end up becoming orphans because of the death of their parents in unusual circumstances. Some parents abandon their babies to orphanage homes because of poverty and diseases. Thus, the help of volunteers is greatly needed in the nation.

The glaring poverty condition has also led to many other ugly issues in the nation. Sex trafficking, drug trafficking and other illegal businesses are going on in various nooks and crannies of the nation. The help of motivated volunteers like you is therefore really needed to tackle these problems. With GVS, you can always volunteer to serve in any of the programs.

Here are the current GVS programs available
Working in Orphanages/Children homes
Assist in Children's Home /Orphanages Volunteering in this project will make you able to touch the lives of poor children and offer them the needed love and succor to which they are deprived of. Even your small support here can bring a ray of hope to the lives of most needed and innocent community.

Teaching English in Schools
Teaching English in School Your help in Cambodian schools is really needed as the children here don't have enough opportunities to learn English language. Volunteer in our project and help the poor children to fulfill their dream of good education.

Community Development Project
You can learn a lot about the Khmer culture as you volunteer to work in the community development project. You'll also use the medium to contribute immensely to the development of local communities in Cambodia.

Internship Program in Cambodia
You can volunteer to assist in the Cambodian Internship program which gives you the unique opportunity to work in your area of interest while helping the people.